I was super happily surprised when I found out that I would get to keep Calvin for the week. Unfortunately, I was not there to pick him up from the general meeting because I was studying for a midterm, but he told me he enjoyed his time with Sally lots until she handed him over to me on Thursday. After introducing him to my hall mates, I introduced him to my stuffed animals and they're all best friends now! Filmore Bear and Lebron the dog will definitely be missing Calvin. On Friday we went to the Bonfire rally!! He was amazed by how big the bonfire was. However, since it was raining, the bonfire was soon almost doused out and it turned freezing cold. His paws almost froze, but he was a very brave bear and I gave him some hot homemade milk tea to warm up. On Saturday, Calvin and I went to the Stanford game together!

Although we lost, Calvin commented on how wonderful Cal's band was and how they were a million times better than Stanford's band, which I wholeheartedly agree with. On sunday morning we went together to feed the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul's. However, the entire time he was stuffed into a drawer and was a little angry with me. But I made it up to him by taking him out to eat and hang out with my friends. 
  On Monday Calvin accompanied me to the Projects Committee where he enjoyed listening to everyone's ideas and laughing at everyone's jokes. 

And at the end of the meeting, there was leftover chocolate, which was given to Calvin to munch on. Hopefully Calvin will save some chocolate for the next person who gets to keep him for the week! I will miss him!

Sephanie Yu

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