So Calvin and I got to spend lots of time together this past week. We went to Single Service, and fun comm, and Calvin helped to decide the notes for project and fundraising ideas. We went to the K-fam Thanksgiving dinner, where he got to eat a lot of good food and meet a lot of awesome KEY CLUB members. He also helped to count the money that contributed to Joe getting pie'd! Calvin really enjoyed that part.

On Saturday, Calvin unfortunately didn't get to go to the big game and watch Cal kick Stanford's A-S-S. But, of course, he was there in spirit. Calvin was the reason we won, for sure!

He then helped Rocky and I to cook chili-cheese fries for the Iron Knight social. Finally, we ended the week with yet another concession stands on Monday, where we ran away with 8 hotdogs and a pretzel! Yum. Calvin was pleased.

I only regret not taking Calvin for a walk on the treadmill. Goodbye Calvin!


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