Once I got Calvin, a certain evil Yishi decided to violate his personal space once again. Understandably Calvin feared for his safety and begged me to let him lay low for a while at least until he felt safe.

Even though Yishi scared him, Calvin was still very helpful especially helping me get ready for my chair application interview since Josh kept making me nervous. Calvin asked me some practice questions so it could help ease my nervousness.

I invited Calvin to all the Circle K events I was attending like Scrapbook party, Eggster, committee mtgs, cheer training, KIWANIS dinner, and Golden Gate DCM but his eyes bugged out of his furry head at all the events. He decided he wanted some "Calvin time" to de-stress from all the projects he went to with the other members. I found him in the bear spa soaking in a bubble bath listening to Kenny G. Calvin is now ready for D-CON!


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