On Wednesday Calvin helped raise 45 dollars in cotton candy and popcorn sales for Fall Banquet. Apparently, growling/walking motorized bears are great advertising tools. To celebrate, he decided to try new things and go bar-hopping in the Castro. Though he was welcomed by all, he decided community service was more his scene. Henry was fortunate enough to be the designated driver and took great care of Calvin.

On Thursday, Calvin went shopping in SF. He was a little frustrated that no retail stores catered to miniature bears. But OMG the scariest thing happened: he got lost in Banana Republic for 30 minutes... Fortunately Henry + Calvin were reunited and both never want to speak of the event again. On a happier note, Calvin went w/Anthony + Henry to their decal and made red ribbons for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Sad that Calvin couldn't go to Masquerade Ball, Henry decided to cheery him up and bring him to the Berkeley Project. Calvin met many new faces and felt better. Tired from working, Calvin and Henry decided to make it a blockbuster night and fall asleep on the living room couch.

On Sunday, Henry brought Calvin to his Filipino folk dance company's practice. There he gained a little culture listening to the sounds of the Philippine Islands. As usual, Calvin was pimp when it comes to the ladies of the compnay. He couldn't bear to watch (pun intended) Henry do a dance involving balancing, dancing, and hopping atop a structure of benches 6 feet high.

- Henry Lao

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