On the night I was given Calvin, he and I went with Kathleen to Gypsy's for dinner. Calvin was getting a whole lot of attention and a stranger even said, "cute bear." He was very flattered. It was a nice comment. So Calvin helped me finish a gigantic meatball calzone. It took a while and a lot of stuffing, but it worked out quite well with the both of us.

Calvin joined in on a couple of committee meetings this week. We watched people do the "PR workshop" and made posters for the Cal Avenue booth. At the Kiwanis Family Committee, we ate some KFC. It was really tasty.

Calvin and I love our food!

He met a lot of furry friends and people on my floor. This is actually his second week in my dorm. The last week, he was with my roommate so we were both excited to have Calvin in our company for another week!

I hope he enjoyed his two-week story here in Spens-Black of Unit 3. Perhaps we'll meet again and have another dinner!

-Tiffany Nguyen

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