When Cheriz spotted me without Calvin at the tables on Wed., it was because Calvin was ill in my room... too many laxating makes those D batteries come out! JK. Calvin unfortunately didn't get to go to as many service projects as he wanted to. He let me vent to him whenever I was feeling frustrated with midterms (LOL). He did get some fresh air with the New Member Orientation Scavenger Hunt. Calvin had tons of fun being the top of our not-so-human pyramid, playing as a football, and even making some bear tracks of his own on campus.

He met some fun new friends and was definitely the best "6th man" in our Alto Cinco Group! I'll miss you and your growl, Calvin. =)

-Kathleen Wong

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Did you know a lot of people vent to me? I know a lot of secrets. Maybe I'll tell you some if you tell me a cool joke!

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