Sad to say, the first week Calvin was with me, I was busy with midterms, so Calvin sat by my desk and made sure I studied. He went with me to the Fundraiser Committee, but wasn't able to make it to Adopt-A-Creek. It may have been for the best, since Thuget the plant-killer might have stepped on him. :(

Thanskgiving aws fun. Calvin got to sample some great cooking and I think he may have even gained a couple of pounds. At least he can walk it off easily!

These past two weeks with Calvin have been a blast! And if anyone needs help with quantum physics, ask Calvin. I never knew bears were interested in physics. :P


+ + +

Well my love for physics started with Virginia, I think. Looking at her study it made me want to learn it more so I've been thinking about quarks every night. I was really happy to see that Keiko was studying physics!

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