Me and Calvin

Tues - Cal dining no likey..., practice our QQ poses!
Weds - tutoring @ Longfellow!!! Went up to the Campanille!
animal orientation -> Calvin vs. Mr.Whiskers.
small group -> attention hog...
Thurs - left to SoCal w/Ashley + Meel. Calvin kept me awake and we sang all night.
The whole drive I mean.
Then Calvin was there for emotional support.
Fri - Calvin went with me to get my passport @ Japanese embassy.
Ate ramen with me + parents.
Went to take my car in... $317... expensive. Calvin helped pay.
Went to Rowland and me + Calvin got the new OS for mac.
Then went to UCLA to pick up a friend and didn't get home until 2:00am.
Sat - went to support my lil bro @ his tournament and Calvin roared and my brother won.
Ate w/family and Calvin and spent family time together.
Sun - drove back to SoCal, and me and Calvin raced on the streets and won.
Mon - we went to Oakland and had dimsum.
Tues - worked at the booth and calvin once again got all the attention

Calvin is someone who is just amazing and will change your life in one week if you let him!

-Vijay Suzuki

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