Honestly, I forgot to bring Calvin to the Cal vs. USC game :( but maybe it was for the better (bless his virgin eyes, 3-30? COME ON!) I was also going to paint him her* (thanks Brian) purple (shoutout to Purple Pandemonium Woot Woot!) but I didn't think people would appreciate his new color :( as our family would.

Calvin's a great bear. After rigorous psychoanalysis and hours of unblinkingly long nights, I have concluded that Calvin, just might be... alive (the very thought troubles me so!)

BTW Calvin pooped out two fat pieces of batteries (props to whoever can get those back in). I don't know what he's eating, but 1800-Jenny-Craig much?

Anyways, one week just isn't enough for the bundle of furry excitement that Calvin truly is... Hope the next member of the week will take good care of him!

-Eric :)

PS: Calvin tried to eat me.

+ + +

WE LOST 3-30?!!!

...I mean... It was fun being with you, Eric! And honestly I wouldn't've minded the purple, hehe. It's a nice color, I think (although I'm kind of more fond of blue and gold. I guess I'm biased).

and of course I'm alive!! dead things don't poop, you know. wait, or do they?

h- hey, I wasn't trying to eat you, I swear!! I was just smiling, okay. really!

Oh and who's Jenny Craig? Is she cute?

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