This has been a week of discovery for Calvin and I. First, Calvin got to find out what its like to live on frat row, very much unlike other living experiences in other apartments, I'm sure.

Calvin also got to know how extreme Extreme Pizza really is. But I had the privilege of discovering that Calvin is reportedly a female bear!! (Check the passport at the back). Shocking, I know!


+ + +

Extreme Pizza was pretty darn extreme. Just like me! Except not as much.

Woahhhhh there. Okay. Confession time. There was a time in my life when i thought I was a female. But you know-- gender doesn't really define me! I'm Calvin, and always will be Calvin, regardless of whether I'm wearing a suit or a dress. And Calvin's love for Circle K will not change either way, and that's the most important thing!

Anyway-- thanks Brian! I really enjoyed chilling with you at your apartment. Even if it's on frat row!

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