Yay! I was so surprised and really happy that I got Calvin! Really made my day (and week!) Right after the general meeting, we went on a CHIPOTLE run! Having Calvin as my eating buddy along with a spectacular buy-one-get-one free deal is amazing! Calvin even volunteered to accompany me to my other meetings (yay for interclub relations!)
where I introduced Calvin to my other friends and he helped come up with spectacular ideas…and even helped bake a cake! Walking back with him made me feel a lot safer even late at night through Berkeley! Unfortunately, I had a lot of midterms…but Calvin is a really good study buddy! I’m usually a HUGE procrastinator, but he just growled at me (pretty scary if you ask me) until I started and surprisingly I got a lot accomplished!

Calvin also accompanied me to my last Single Service and Public Relations meeting… kind of nostalgic and sad, but we toughened up! Did you know Calvin was athletic?! I didn’t! But all week he pushed me outside to play tennis or even to the RSF for kickboxing classes and a small weight-room workout! He took to them so well…and for my first time…well let’s just say Calvin was a bit of my inspiration! But I guess we worked a little too hard because it was IMPOSSIBLE to wake him up for Friends of Five Creeks…so I let him sleep in. Probably one of the few he gets for being the Circle K Bear! I had so much fun with Calvin this week! Too bad it was only a week. Calvin, you inspire me!! :D

- Tim Truong

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