Joo Hee

 I had an AMAZING time getting to know Calvin this week! =)
Unfortunately, it was extremely rainy this week so little cub Calvin had to stay home for several days! However, we did manage to overcome the horrible rainstorm and made it to the Hands-On-Science Planning Day last Friday! 
Calvin was super excited about all the cafeteria-stations projects we planned, but he especially loved the idea of "ice-cream making" station! He got so excited that he jumped up and down, demanding we make his favorite chocolate-flavored ice cream that day :)
Unfortunately, he got a little wet that day (the rain and the wind!) and caught a cold so could not accompany me to the DCON Swing Dance Practice, Scrapbook Workday, and Basketball Concessions the next day, but I did update him as soon as I got back!!!

Calvin congratulated me for chairing my first project!!! =P

Then on Tuesday, before the General Meeting, Calvin watched the newest episode of House (Season 7, Episode 15) with me! We had an awesome time and Calvin thought House and Cuddy were the cutest couple in the world! 

    I had a WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC time with Calvin and I'm going to miss him A LOT!

<3 Take good care of him!!

Joo Hee Park

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