Although I was kind of disappointed that I didn't become an appointed chair, I found out that I got to have Calvin for not only one... but TWO weeks... Calvin definitely made me feel better :)

I got to take Calvin home with me to BEAUTIFUL San Diego!! I introduced him to a few of my friends who all thought his growl was so cute... although my friend's cat did not seem to think so... haha.

He came with us to get the BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER.. it's a pity that bears don't really eat mexican food. Later in the week, I debated whether or not to bring him to the beach.. He told me that he wasn't a very big fan of the sand, so he hung out with Mumbie from Happy Feet in my room instead!

After an AMAZING week in San Diego, it was time to make a journey to Woodland Hills, CA for the annual DISTRICT CONVENTION!! Calvin for sure enjoyed a whole weekend of cheering, bonding, workshops, & receiving awards.. It was a very awesome but tiring weekend..

Calvin has been resting ever since.. waiting for his new care taker. Please take good care of him!

Much love,

+ + +

Thanks again, Karen, for showing me around in San Diego! I love Berkeley, but I do love travelling, hehe.

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hedwiggles said...

Looks like Calvin had a lot of fun with you, Karen :).

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