I was so happy to get Calvin this week! I didn't expect it at all! Unfortunately I missed the general meeting =( (I had to go to some stupid other meeting =P)

but Calvin and I met at the Spirit and Social Committee "meeting" (party!) even though Andrea kicked him because he wouldn't walk fast enough and then Darrell caused him to lose his batteries, I think he had a good time at the meeting. (he didn't talk much though.)

Saturday, Calvin came with me to the Eggster workday and had so much fun packing egg after egg with candy after candy and never got tired of it! Honestly, he just kinda sat there most of the time and didn't help much. I think he did his best though.

Sunday, we went to Nina's to bake cookies for soldiers. He was a good bear and didn't sneak any for himself. Then that night I took him to Coriya Hot Pot for Mimi's Newsletter Committee Dinner. The food was really good - I at a lot of meat and they even had fake oreos! Calvin waited patiently for his food but in the end I forgot to feed him! Oh well- for some reason I think he'll survive.

Anyway, Calvin told me he enjoyed the week and is looking forward to the next member of the week (he must be sick of me).


+ + +

How did you forget to feed me, Wesley?! It was like torture, just looking at all the meat at Coriya Hot Pot! Torture, I say!! I was drooling all over the place!!!

We did have fun, though. And I didn't get sick of you, man. Maybe a little cranky though. Next time, you take me to Coriya Hot Pot, and you feed me, alright?! Hehe, just kidding.

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