Calvin was very excited that he got to come and stay with me again! He was even more excited this time I think because we went on even more adventures this time!

On Friday Calvin was sad because we didn't hang out with Circle K, but I forced him to go to Santa Cruz with me to eat food, and then to Santa Rosa to meet friends who just came home! I was glad he came because when I came home to Berkeley that night I was threatened by a mean raccoon in front of my apartment, and Calvin had to scare it away for me with his powerful, fear provoking, growl!

On Saturday we had fun at ROCK trying to play soccer.

On Sunday I let Calvin sneak into concessions with me, but he refused to work and just kept eating hot dogs. But we all (the 2 of us) had to leave early to catch Louel's show. (Which was awesome btw) I think Calvin enjoyed it too.


+ + +

Any raccoons or other creatures that plan on threatening Andrea any time soon better watch out!! I eat creepers like you for fifth dinner!! (which, by the way, is the most important meal of the day!)

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