Yay! i'm so happy I got Calvin this week! On Friday, I took Calvin to the Rugby concession stands where he sat watching guys tackling one another in their short shorts. He really wanted to run out and play with them, but decided to stay with me to help sell food. I'm sure Calvin attracted many customers and helped us raise a lot of money!

Saturday, I took Calvin on a bus ride to Roberta Bliss's house where we made PTP dolls for Pediatric trauma! He sat watching us attempt to use the sewing machine. With his guidance, luckily no one got hurt. Later we had an amazing lunch, picnic in Roberta's backyard in the perfect weather.

After we got back to Berkeley, Calvin came with me on BART to Fremont where I took him to my Uncle's birthday dinner. My little cousins had a great time playing with him and I hope Calvin had a fun time too!


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It's not everyday that I'm endowed with the opportunity to play with boys in short shorts, but I think it was best that I helped Crystal out with concession stands instead! 

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