Ahhh it's been a week already, time flies when you're having fun I guess. Calvin was a little confused of how CRAZY his week was, but he has made a fully recovery. He relaxed on my desk for some of the week because I ___, but then Friday afternoon we were off! and he couldn't get to rest on my desk again until Sunday night.

He came to the hands on science planning meeting and then we went to the gym and the cardio salsa class and Calvin perfected his awesome moves and impressed the ladies. On Saturday we went to Eggster, but there was paint a-go-go so Calvin stayed in my bag most of the time to avoid flying paint from the kids (and Circle K'ers) who were making straw paintings.

On Sunday he came to the Family Park Picnic Social and caught some rays because it was a beautiful day! He made sure to stay away from the ferocious ducks though because they were mean buggers.

Calvin got to meet my best friend from back home over Skype and showed her his sweet moves, and she was very impressed. She told Calvin she was digging his kool-aid but he had to let her down because he said the long distance thing would never work out.

I had an AMAZING week with Calvin and I will miss him!


+ + +

It was fun being super busy with Bethany. Ducks really scare me though. They might be my one and only weakness!!

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