Aww.... I don't want to give Calvin back, we had so much fun together =D. It was great to have him by my side this whole week, though it was raining practically all day.

This week we went to everything together. I took him to R.O.C.K., Ace of Cakes work day, Talent Show practices, Hands on Science planning meeting, committee meetings, it was awesome. I had to keep Calvin in my bag all weekend because of the horrible weather, but he loved every minute of it, maybe because I had so much food in my bag. haha, he is awesome.

Oh and during the Talent Show Rehearsal he got to see everyone's awesome sexy Britney Spears moves and he secretly told me he wanted to dance just like that during DCON.

The best thing we did together was go shopping =D. I have never met another guy who would have stayed that long with me!! He even tried on some rocker shades =D. Well I hope whoever has him next will treat him uber uber well.


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