I was so honored to get to spend a whole week with Calvin. He came to me so unexpectedly! At first i was worried b/c his passport expired last yaer, but all he had to do was look at the authorities with those piercing black eyes & they just let him through without 2nd thought.

I asked him to teach me, but I just couldn't quite get it. Poor Calvin had to watch me do homework all week; he just chuckled while he watched me struggle w/o-chem.

I wanted to bring him to the Muir Woods Earth Day Celebration but i didn't want him to get his paws dirty. He didn't get to go to the social later that night either, because I didn't want to watch the horror movie. Calvin called me chicken. I gave him a shell belt in apology.

On Sunday though, Calvin got to watch us bake cookies for soldiers at war AND he watched us make pages of our awesome castle scrapbook! I'm going to miss Calvin so much.


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