Wow I can't believe I had Calvin for a week! Time flies for sure! Well, when I got Calvin last week I was honored and totally not expecting his company.

He ended up accompanying my roommate + I to each pho noodles. Who knew bears liked vietnamese noodles so much? Anyway I ended up leaving Calvin behind during this weeks crazy projects like Ace of Cakes because he probably would have eaten all the cake & would have been thrown out for being disruptive-- what a wild child!

He did help me practice some sweet moves for the DCON hip hop dance. He kept trying to tell me to watch webcasts for Statistics but we inevitably ended up watching Koraen dramas instead. The next person should tell Calvin to go on a diet. JK. He's awesome.


+ + +

Vietnamese noodles aren't the only kind of food I like! I love all kinds of different food. I'm very cultured, see.

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