Calvin is such an awesome buddy! I didn't get a chance to hear him growl like how others before me have, but I still love him! For most of the week, he stayed in my dorm room helping me get through my papers and exams. But he got to meet my roommates and he had a nice time joining us in our movie. Watching and constant snacking =) I think he also enjoyed spending time with other Circle-Kers at the Walk for Affordable Housing event and he claims that he knows the ____ of BART very well! Later that day, Calvin met some potential Berkeley students at Cal Day and welcomed them warmly (even though he couldn't growl). He was extremely friendly, and they thought he was the cutest, most decorated little bear they have ever seen! Unfortunately, on Sunday, it was back to Calvin's routine of helping me work my way through all my readings. I <3 Calvin!
- Kathy Hua

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