So... I was SUUUPPEERRR excited to finally meet Calvin. Calvin! He's so cute and very well behaved! After general meeting, I brought him home to meet my own family of bears (teddy, not real! haha) Mama, papa, and baby bear all really enjoyed Calvin's stay and even shared some of their hunnny with him because his tummy growled. Poor Calvin! He must have been really exhausted from all the excitement of the joint board meeting! We both fell asleep soon after because... yeah... food coma, haha.

   The next few days we went to the library a lot to study for my midterms. Calvin seems to be a MCB & Human Repro whiz! He was very supportive!
   After my midterms, Calvin and I went to the Karaoke social on Friday and had a lot of fun. He didn't get to sing though. He's okay.
    We went to the newsletter meeting yesterday and had a lot of fun! He says he wants to be a writer!
    Thanks Calvin for supporting me during my midterms!
<3 Sam Lui (Samantha)

(Sally says sorry for the huge shadow on the pictures! ><)

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