Okay so first of all let me say that I did not know what Calvin was until I got him! I actually got Calvin late. Calvin stayed home in my dorm all week. I did not feel like bringing Calvin anywhere. We studied, slept together, watched movies and ate inside the dorm. What's funny that my friend came in and was messing with Calvin and got his finger stuck in Calvin's mouth for 10 minutes. He got mad and punished Calvin. Calvin went through some abuse that day but he is much better. 

He currently looks at me with his evil eyes! Swear, this bear is serious business. One day, he'll be a tough guy. but I hate how he's so hard, could Circle K replace him with a teddy bear that looks like Spencer from Wong Fu Productions? =) =D

- Dennis Tat


phuoc said...


Calvin the Bear said...

Dennis... I thought we had fun this week! Why would you want to see me gone forever? Replaced?! :/

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