So I was suuupperrr lucky because I had Calvin for two whole weeks! The week right before spring break wasn't too eventful because I had a bunch of projects and midterms, but that was ok. 
   Calvin and I went to the Fundraising Committee meeting which was cool because we all got to plan the end of the year social. Calvin spent a lot of time chiling with me as I did my work. Right before spring break, I asked Calvin if he wanted to go to DCON because I wasn't going. Calvin said he would love to spend the week with me. I was so excited! So Sunday was my birthday so me and Calvin had lots of cake and went out for an awesome dinner and movie. 

He got to meet all my friends from high school and just get to know my neighborhood. I was so glad I got to hang out with Calvin. It was so much fun =)

~ Stephi Hamilton

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Calvin the Bear said...

Hi Stephi!! Your friends were all so nice to me. I am SO glad that I got to spend your birthday with you! Oh oh! and we'll definitely go to DCON together next year. :D

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