Calvin and I started our week by going over to Joe's apartment with Linda and Peter. Linda hopped the fence to break into Joe's apartment, but once we were inside we made sandwiches.

Later on, we visited Jimmy, Yishi, dmitriy and Cary at their dorms, and topped it off by going to late night. The next day Calvin and I had lunch with my little sister Cheriz.

On Thursday, we went to the mainstacks in the library where we watched Peter run through the moveable shelves. He got stuck and started making choking noises and we thought it was funny until we realized it was real.

That night Calvin and I went to have cheese and wine at Kathleen's apartment, but I didn't let Calvin drink because I'm not sure if he's 21 yet.

We began the weekend by having a spaghetti dinner with Darcy and Manuel and topped it off on Sundy by watching the Lakers beat down the spurs by 21 points.

There's no doubt that Calvin is truly a Lakers fan. Waiting 2 years for Calvin was definitely worth the wait!


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Humans laws don't apply to bears! I can drink if I really want to! ...But I like to set good examples for the young'uns. So good call, Hedwiggles.

I'm glad Peter didn't die that day!


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