Calvin had a lot of fun with me this week. Since one of my classes was cancelled due to the university strike, we only had to go to one class.
   Unfortunately, at the beginning of the lecture, Calvin decided to emit loud, high-pitched screams as the professor was about to lecture. Apparently, everybody thought it was the fire-alarm, so we had to evacuate the building (Dwinelle).
         Silly Calvin.
   On Friday and Saturday, Calvin followed me to a couple of Residence Hall Assembly Finance committee meetings, which lasted four and a half hours in total. We gave recommendation for some sponsorships and wrote a couple of Assembly bills to transfer money among different parts of RHA's budget. Also, during the weekend, we studied for my History 5 midterm. I told that if I'm not doing very well, he should start screaming again so that we don't have to finish the test.
   On Monday we went to an RHA meeting and he learned a lot about the process of passing sponsorships and legislation. Overall, we had a fun week and we learned a lot. :)
- Daniel Ganz

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Calvin the Bear said...

I think I just have an epic-ally awesome power. My growls will scare even the strictest of professors! I AM CALVIN HEAR ME ROAR -growls- >:D

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