It was great seeing Calvin again after a year, and I'm sure Calvin was happy that I'm back. Right after the meeting I introduced Calvin to my roommates and they loved having another cal bear (literally!!!) over. Calvin has learned a lot since I last saw him since he was able to both help us study, and help me make awesome smoothies as well.

Wednesday consisted of Calvin giving me a nostalgia tour of the stuff I missed during my year off.

Thursday was interesting. Did you know that Calvin was well versed in multiple martial arts. He threw me to the ground in one motion and absorbed my kicks.

After a busy week, Calvin slept in on Saturday while I was out on service projects. My roommate Grace took great care of him though. On Sunday, we went to Adopt-a-Creek where Calvin actually helped us pull out an entire tree.

On Sunday I took Calvin out for chinese food and we also went to the SLC to study for midterms.

Overall a great week full of adventure. I'll post some pics on facebook soon enough. A great start to the year indeed. I am sure Calvin thought it was great having me back. Calvin will have more adventures soon enough with both new faces and old. So enter fall 2009 and good luck with the rest of the semester Calvin. Good luck and stay safe.


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I missed you John! I'm really happy to know that I'll be seeing you around.

And of course I'll stay safe! I'm so hardcore strong I'll be able to deflect whatever harm comes my way! (Plus I have all you guys at Circle K to back me up hehe)


hedwiggles said...

I miss you Calvin! I hope you're doing well buddy.

Calvin said...

I am doing really well! I'm chilling with Airi at the moment. I miss you too Hedwiggles!

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